Waste & RDF

RDF type 3

CVR has been established since 2013 which operates waste sorting and RDF process from municipal waste and industrial waste.

The company has owned the operating license no.106 to produce solid recovered fuel (or SRF) from industrial waste (non hazardous) and to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (or RDF) from sorted municipal waste. CVR’s process plant has been operated since the start of 2023.

CVR’s Product & Services

On - site: CVR provides waste sorting services on-site at landfill which includes incoming and old municipal wastes in landfills. After sorting process, RDF-type-1 are filtered out from organic wastes and transported to RDF process plant (CVR) in Phichit province to process into RDF-type-3 (with the size not exceeding 3 cm.)

Factory: CVR has its own factory to process RDF fuel. There are 2 RDF-processing lines in the factory which consists of one sorting process line for non-hazardous industrial wastes and another process line for the wastes that has been sorted from municipal landfills at various locations.

RDF that are produced from municipal wastes will be traded with industrial customers outside to substitute coal fuel in industrial process.

The Solid Recovered fuel that are produced from non-hazardous industrial waste will be send to Clover Phichit power plant (CPX) which is Waste-to-Energy power plant.

CVR is able to produce and supply up to 300 ton/day of RDF-type-3 to Clover Phichit powerplant and also outside customers who want to substitute their coal fuel usage and to reduce Carbon footprint.

CVR holds the operating license no.106 as to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from sorted municipal waste and from industrial waste (non-hazardous). Those industrial waste such as plastic, fabric, paper, leather etc.

Target Group of CVR

  • Landfill owners whose capacity is full or nearly full and wants to empty their landfills.
  • Industrial companies who want to properly and legally dispose their waste in designated locations.
  • Commercial sectors such as hotel, school, university, department store who want to reduce their Carbon Footprint for Organization (CFO) and Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) by means of waste disposal.