Develop integrated renewable energy, deliver the value to global society for sustainability.

The present world society is active in dealing with the climate change situation due to the rapid rising of greenhouse gas in large amount.

Thailand also has set and announced the goal of carbon neutrality within the year 2050 and achieve net zero greenhouse gas emission in the year 2065 to the World Leaders Summit and to the COP26th and COP27th Conference (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties). Furthermore, the country has set the goal of NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) under UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) to reduce greenhouse gas emission on energy and transportation sector which is considered as a manufacturing sector that poses a significant impact on greenhouse gas emission amount in the country. In the other hands, several sectors in Thailand are making a great effort on replacing the fossil fuel including coal and natural gas with various types of alternative energy in power production.

The company recognizes the importance of private sector’s role in strengthening alternative energy for the country. Therefore, all of company’s businesses contribute to overall country’s greenhouse gas reduction as following;

Power Production and Distribution Business from Renewable Energy (Power Producer) the company focuses on producing power from renewable energy which are biomass from agricultural residue such as leaves and stalk part of sugarcane and corn, bamboo scrapes etc. The company also operates the waste-to-energy power plant using refused derived fuel (RDF) which helps reduce problems and impacts of the increasing amount of waste in the country.

In the past year 2022, Clover Power Biomass Power plant has been registered in the group of renewable energy power producer (Registrant) by the International REC Standard. In other words, every power unit that CV power plant produces and deliver through grid connection line to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is from renewable energy which then provides clean energy to electricity consumers. Besides, the company has obtained the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC Unit), the international accreditation, which can sell and deliver to the customers, top institutions and organizations who are environmentally-conscious. Thus, we will insist on continuously using renewable energy in our businesses. In the previous year 2019, Clover Phitsanulok biomass power plant has also been registered in Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program: T-VER in which, later in year 2022, has been verified the amount of 68,144 Ton CO2 Greenhouse gas emission reduction by TGO.

In fuel supply business (Fuel Supply), The company procures, manufactures and distributes renewable energy fuel within the country and oversea in order to respond to the market demand in the electric power sector from renewable energy. Currently, the company produces processed biomass fuel, biomass pellet, and RDF waste fuel for the high-efficiency waste-to-energy power plant which gives higher fuel heating value than the unprocessed waste combustion as well as increases promotion of sustainable energy crop cultivation in communities.

Engineering business (Valued EPC), one of the important businesses of the company the company is expertized and experienced in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of the renewable energy power plant construction and RDF waste sorting and processed system. We also expand the scope of our service by providing the modern construction service called Modular System to household, residence, hotel, and commercial building customer group. Its main concept is producing standard structure of buildings in a factory, and assembling them on the construction site which is environmental friendly, help reduce environmental impact during the construction period, and certainly meets the modern user’s requirement.

Furthermore, the company also recognizes the importance of business operation based on ESG principle. In other words, we choose environmental-friendly technology, promote supportive co- existence of the company and communities in various dimensions, as well as, focuses on good governance-based-internal operation management. In the previous year 2022, the company has participated in Corporate Governance Rating (CG) held by Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) for the first year and has received an excellent rating score. This reflects the company executive and employee’s determination and intention on operating the business into the sustainable growth.

In this year, the company will emphasize on managing the business anticipating the climate change situation by implementing new technology and innovation in the power production and distribution business. As well as, the company aims for being a carbon-neutral and Carbon Net zero company along with modern construction that meets the customer’s requirement and meanwhile, create the world environmental balance and work life balance

On behalf of the company committee, executive team and employees, I would like express my gratitude to all stakeholders, alliances, partners, customers, all related government agencies and institutes, as well as financial institutions for your continued trust and confidence.

Mr. Prasert Bunsumpun
The Chairman of the Board