Clover Power (CV), we are renewable
energy power producer.

Also supply renewable fuel and provide EPC service for power plant and general construction.

1. Power Producer

Our power plants produce electricity from renewable energy ie. biomass, RDF.


2. Fuel Supply


3. Valued EPC

Business Structure
We focus in developing clean energy project.
as well as invest in renewable energy power
plant from various kind of sources.

such as biomass, municipal waste, industrial waste, solar etc.

Now the company has 3 renewable power plants; operating in two biomass power plants (CVP and CPL) and one RDF power plant (CPX). Moreover, the company invests in one cogeneration plant using Natural Gas. Total capacity of operating plant is 23.66 MW. Besides these operating plants, the company also has three biomass community plants in pipeline with total capacity of 19.8 MW.

Biomass Power plant
CVP 9.4 MW in Phrae Province
CPL 4.9 MW in Phitsanulok Province
Waste to Energy Power Plant
CPX 2.0 MW
Cogeneration Plant
CNK 7.36 MW Natural Gas
Community Biomass Power Plant Projects
All power plants

The group of company is well known as the turn-key EPC service provider in biomass and waste to energy power plants for more than 16 years. Now CV’s Engineering business has broaden capability in four main area; Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Modular Construction, and General Construction.

Biomass power plant project
Natural Power Plant, Surat Thani Province
A.P.K Green Energy, Songkhla Province
Natural Palm Power Plant, Chumphon Province
Clover Power Plant, Phrae Province
Clover Phitsanulok, Phitsanulok Province
Biomass Power Plant, Nakhon Sawan Province
Waste to Energy Power Plant
Fernview Landfill, Australia
Waste sorting plant, Laos
Clover Phichit Power Plant, Phichit
All power plants